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Valley Acupuncture and Wellness Clininc is run under the direction of Dr. Duke Bai who studied and practiced with world class acupuncturists, including Dr. Xue Min Shi.
Xue Min Shi -- a modern day pioneer in the field of acupuncture
Shuzhong Gao -- internationally recognized leader in the field of acupuncture
Dr. Shuzhong Gao, Master Instructor, Shandong Medical College was named one of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicineís Top Ten Outstanding Professors. A leading TCM practitioner and academician, Dr. Gao served as the President of the University ofTraditional Chinese Acupuncture in 2001. Dr. Gao also served as Vice Chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) New Formulations Professional Committee, and as the Secretary-General of Shandong Institute of Acupuncture.
His many publications include 10 academic texts and 40 scholarly papers. Dr. Gao has earned 6 science and technology awards.
Dr. Wanshan Hao, Professor, Chief Physician, Clinical Foundation of professional doctoral supervisor, Beijing University of Chinese MedicineDepartment of Basic Medical Clinical Foundation. The edge of the China Senior Professors Association, vice chairman of Science, the Chinese name of Chinese academic research vice president, executive director of Chinese Music Therapy Association, the Chinese National Professional Committee Zhongjing theory.
Dr. Shi has is a researcher in acupuncture for over 40 years. He is noted for his scholarship in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how TCM can be applied with Western treatment modalities.
He has won 15 scientific technical awards, 3 teaching awards and 6 patents, published 30 academic writings and 17 books. He was the president of the First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM for 20 years -- one of the largest TCM hospitals in China. He was elected as the only acupuncture academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering since 1999 which is the highest honors in the field of acupuncture in the world.